The existence of stealth viruses has been proven. Now comes the hard part of letting people know of the magnitude of the dangers they pose to the general public. In a recent radio show interview Dr. Martin said the following:

"Basically, we've pursued now to the conclusion that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a viral illness that damages the brain. As you may recall, the viruses that cause CFS avoid the immune system because they lack certain antigens recognized by cytotoxic lymphocytes, but they can still cause cell damage. These atypically structured viruses were called "stealth" in the sense of their being neglected by the immune system and therefore cause these persistent illnesses. So what's new to report is the real unfortunate realization now that stealth viral infections can progress to very severe illness, including death. This has come from following certain patients who have helped document this realization and now is the time to take this information to the public health officials, to the public so that we can do something about this huge epidemic."

Stealth viruses are real and stealth viruses are very dangerous in their capacity to cause many other diseases by their ability to mutate, take on varying forms, imbed themselves in the brain and cause chronic, persistent viral infection and brain dysfunction which can lead to very serious illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, attention deficit disorder, bi-polar disorder, autism in children and a host of other diseases. Stealth viruses pose a real health emergency and further research needs to be done in learning how to treat stealth viruses and diagnose them. But funding is low and help is needed so we are appealing to you to help us in our fight against this public menace.

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