Comments and Feedback

The purpose of this page is to generate feedback from those interested in the stealth virus research program. All questions and comments are welcome and can be emailed to

We also hope that this page will help define the spectrum of clinical manifestations occuring in stealth viral infected individuals. We are therefore interested in brief clinical summaries of patient illnesses. On some occasions we may ask, by personal email, for further details, or for permission to contact your physician. Specific interests include the following:

  1. Evidence for human to human transmission, such as infection in multiple family members and the possible occupational infection of health-care workers.
  2. Occurance of illness in pets of patients.
  3. Non-neurological illnesses associated with CFS, including endocrine, autoimmune, and cardiac diseases.
  4. Occurance of major neurological illnesses in patients previously diagnosed as having CFS. Examples would include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, and acute encephalitis.
  5. Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders in patients with CFS.
  6. Experience with various therapeutic approaches to control symptoms.
Information received will be helpful for compiling reports to county, state, and federal public health authorities.